Crossing Washington

Location: Washington, D.C.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Friday, March 03, 2006

Contemporary America in the Time of President Bush and the Fourth Great Awakening

Or, more succinctly, "Now."

Such is where we are at here in Washington, where seldom a discouraging word is heard in the White House and in the halls of Congress; where the skies are cloudy all day in the heads of the press corps; and where our democracy runs roughshod toward the historical dustbin that is fundamentalism.

It is a time when a major news corporation's internal e-mails were highlighted by the volleying of rumors on the sleeping patterns of a Supreme Court justice, rather than the revelation that the President had ignored two top secret briefings undermine the United States' case for invading a foreign country. And subsequently, that same corporation's presentation of the news for the week reflected a similar superficiality which, unfortunately, has the same mindless effect on the nine million or so viewers tuned in to the operation.

It is a time when the state of Missouri is represented by a politician who introduced a bill to render Christianity the official religion of the state, something that would be so blatantly unconstitutional that even George Bush--the man who cheerfully dubbed the Constitution "just a piece of paper"--would have to recognize its illegality.

It is a time when the rhythms and rhymes of pop culture have overwhelmed and infected our media and our politics, rendering them both stripped down and increasingly obsolete. Thinkers are now shunned for fire-breathers; Academics are now shunned for moral authorities; leaders are now shunned for instigators.

This wayward path is murky, of course, but not unsurpassable. There have been far graver times in American history, though perhaps none with the same combination of inept elected officials with a ramshackle educational system, rendering the public senseless to the onslaught of law and liberty that the leaders of our still-great nation inflict.

And to fight back, the power of words and knowledge is rising. Such is the true value of the blogosphere--not just in "checking" or complementing the media; not just in providing an expressive outlet for millions of lonely or ambitious or frustrated or voiceless Americans; but in allowing for fact to prevail over fiction; for truth to prevail over blind faith.

And it is there where the this blog shall seek to cross Washington, no matter the cost, no matter the time, no matter the energy.

Won't you kindly join me on this quest?